Top 6 Ways To Increase Readers Engagement in Website?

Friends, do you want to know how to increase reader’s engagement on your website? Well, if you are thinking it’s easy by uploading some articles with a link to social media, you are completely wrong. The reader’s engagement never means generating more traffic from all around the world, but is the way of freezing visitors on your website for quite some time. Thus, today we shall uncover the secrets of how to keep readers alive on your site, and make them engaged!

First, what is Readers Engagement?

If you do not know what Readers Engagement means, you will get the answer right away. It is the process by which people interact with your article in many ways. It might be being on the same page for almost a minute, or surfing through another page of your websites and also might be some linking activities. All along these, the main point of readers engagement points towards having active and returning visitors to your website.

Here is one example:

readers engagement

This image is of one of my new site which I started a month ago. If you see it, you will notice that this website does not have returning visitor. This is because the site is new and still needs some time to gain legit readers.

Is Reader’s Engagement Necessary For SEO?

Well if you ask the thing to question, I must say you are new in blogging field. It is the most important factor next to quality content in SEO factor list. If you have a website with active readers engagement, the search engines like Google thinks the site to be alive with active participation. This also can help you to gain some loyal readers along with increasing your ranking in Google.

How to Increase Readers Engagement in Website Then?

According to baba pandey, here are the top 6 ways of increasing readers’ engagement in your website. Mind it; you must follow each and every point to gain some genuine returning visitors.

original content

Original Content

Everyone who knows a basic SEO; the main thing to concern is original content. If you are following On Page SEO, content is always king, and there is no replacement. Also, your articles must be funnier and appealing enough to lure some visitors. SEO in Nepal is great example of it.


If you know the basic way of blogging, you must be consistent. The thing could not go the way if you are not accurate in a timing of uploading articles in your blog, people barely visit your site concluding no updates.

Be Debatable

Never be exact in your words. But it does not mean to write whatever you like. You must be able to think in a new angle so that people could criticize your articles or give you thumbs up. Some people might disagree to this point, but it is and always have been the best way of getting some loyal visitors.

website engagement

Asking Engagement

Do not take it lightly; you should ask your visitors to do some interaction or something like that. You can ask for comments, or to interact or it may be discussing the articles. If you do this regularly, some visitors might share your articles.


It would not result much better if you ask for engagement and do not respond to them. You should reply them, thank them or comment on them as well. If you do not pay attention to what people are saying, you can forget increasing engagement.

Be Active on Other Websites

Being active on your website only does not do better if you cannot be active on other websites. You can do it by commenting on similar articles on another site, from which you can gain some referral visitors as well.

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