Why Keyword Research is The First Step for Content Marketing?

Hey Guys! It’s us Ginger Developers with the new concept of digital marketing and techniques. The value of content marketing solely depends upon the time spent on keyword research. Also, it depends upon what type of keyword you are using. If you are using specific keyword or keywords that are not searched by audience; the page will not be valuable. Today we will discuss about keyword research and why it is important before content marketing. We will also cover the reason why keyword research comes first before starting content marketing.

Right Keyword Leads Right Optimization

When one keyword is optimized, there is 10 per cent chance of people searching with same keyword. But remaining 90 per cent of people search with different pattern. It makes difference in targeted keywords and audience.

Right Keyword

Here is one example of how it is done. There is ABC Wine Company which is trying to target market with unique specific keywords. The new product might be an apple wine in new way like ‘adult apple juice’ instead of ‘apple wine’ then, the search results might fluctuate. Mind it; people mostly search specific keywords like apple wine rather than modified keywords adult apple juice. And if you use this modified keywords, you will miss large number of prospective visitors.

Be Specific in Keywords

If you are taking specific keyword, your niche must be in same keyword. If you are optimizing the word, you must be able to rank semantic keywords as well.

Specific Keyword

For example, you site is about celebrities specifically gossips. If your content is about ‘Debbie Gibson’s Married Life’ for instance, you should not try to rank on her name. But, you should be trying to do in same keyword; rather you can try to rank it in ‘sheree zampino’ or ‘Debbie Gibson’s Husband’.

Why Keyword Research First?

We all know how much role keywords play in website ranking. As all the business platforms want organic visits, keyword becomes the search phrase for clients. If you are trying to catch organic visits or audience, you must be able to research semantic keywords, long tail keywords and other niche specific keywords as well. Mind it; your website must be of same niche, or else audience do not believe in your brand.

Popular Keywords VS Long Tail Keywords

Here is a brief segment of how you can start researching:

  1. Find Proper Niche
  2. Start with Specific Keyword
  3. Find Long Tail Keyword in Specific Keyword
  4. Use Semantic Keywords
  5. Optimize Keyword

If you are following this simple rule, I am sure; your keywords would be optimized far faster than it was before!

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